Enhancing Vermont's Wood Floors Since 1982
Enhancing Vermont's Wood Floors Since 1982

Trust Ty's to Service All of Your Wood Floor Needs 



Our team is happy to install wood floors in your home after you have purchased your materials from us, a local wood floor purveyor or big box store.


During our in-home quote visit, we'll measure your room and review the material list with you to be sure that you order the correct amount of wood flooring and all of the additional sub-floor, padding or trim that will be required to finish your room to your specifications.



For older wood floors or those that have endured prolonged periods of misuse or neglect, a more intensive process is required. 


Normally, restoration implies that the floor will be sanded down to the bare wood, any existing varnish or coating will be completely removed and the bare wood will then be re-stained or re-finished according to your aesthetic or design preferences.


Restoration gives you a wider choice of finish options than a simple refinish. You can alter the stain or surface finish to your individual preferences.



If the scratches in your wood floor don't go all the way through to the wood, refinishing can simply involve scuff-sanding your floors with a buffer and applying a fresh coat or two of finish.


The process is easier and less expensive than sanding down to bare wood and takes less time.


This approach is commonly used to spruce up your floor and to get your home ready for re-sale or remodeling. 



When your floors have significant damage, the only option may be to remove a section of floorboards and install new ones.  


Typically, this involves cutting a new length of flooring and fitting it snugly into the space of the old board.

When the rest of the floor is not being refinished at the same time, it is important to match the existing floor stain color by experimenting on scraps of flooring, stain the boards to match the original floor.  


In most cases, homeowners will take advantage of a repair opportunity to refinish the rest of the room to assure a seamless end result.

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